Easy Headband Braids Hairstyles

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Easy Headband braid hairstyles

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make easy-peasy headband braids for the medium long hair. Let’s get started to create yourself this awesome easy headband braid hairstyle:

  1. Take a part of hair and divide into three equal parts and continue braiding a normal French braid.
  2. Take some strands from the bottom and add it to the bottom strand.
  3. Take it to the middle.
  4. Now take some strands from the top and then add it to the top strand.
  5. Now take it to the middle.
  6. You can continue braiding until your ears. Or you can simply stop it.
  7. Here, in the tutorial we are making a normal braiding as we reach to the ear and secure it with the elastic band.
  8. The next hairdo includes a normal braiding. Take three strands and make a normal braiding.
  9. Now after reaching to the tail of hair, you need to tie with the help of an elastic band.
  10. Then you need to take some strand and loop it to the braid that we just made.
  11. Make sure that the added hair inside the stitches of hair doesn’t disturb you.
  12. Take another section of hair. Grab the hair and pull it through.
  13. Continue this to the end of the braid. And then tie the added hair or the hair that you looped inside the stitches with the help of elastic band.
  14. The last one is easy. Make a pony tail. And again another pony tail. Once you made the second ponytail, you need to flip it and pull it so that it comes closer to the first one.
  15. It looks like the fish tail.
  16. Continue to make the ponytail and flipping.
  17. Finally the third hairstyle is ready.

These hairstyles will not even need whole hours. You can simply complete by some minutes. You can carry wherever including colleges or even with friends. This step by step hair tutorial is done by Youtube Channel MakeupWearables Hairstyles.

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